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Product: CS - Service
Description: Method of customer interaction
Quick Codes
Code Meaning Description
INBOUND_CALL Inbound Call Customer called
INBOUND_EMAIL Inbound E-mail Customer e-mailed
INBOUND_FAX Inbound Fax Customer faxed
INBOUND_MAIL Inbound Mail Customer mailed in response or request
IN_PERSON In Person Interacted with contact in person as part of site visit, seminar, trade show, conference, etc.
OUTBOUND_CALL Outbound Call Called customer
OUTBOUND_EMAIL Outbound E-mail E-mailed to customer
OUTBOUND_FAX Outbound Fax Faxed to customer
OUTBOUND_MAIL Outbound Mail Mailed to customer on request or part of direct mailing
SYSTEM System System-generated
WEB Web Customer accessed web site