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Product: OKS - Service Contracts
Meaning: Negotiation Status
Description: Process or Negotiation Status used by Contract Process Workflow
Quick Codes
Code Meaning Description
ACT Quote Accepted The customer has accepted the contract quote via Online Acceptance, or salesrep has captured customer acceptance
ASSIST_REQD Assistance Required Customer requests assistance via Online Acceptance process
COMPLETE Complete Upon contract activation or upon signature by salesep at the time of process completion
DRAFT Draft Initial negotiation status when a contract is created
IA_FAIL Internal Approval Failed Process failed due to system failure after 'Submit for Internal Approval' executed by salesrep
IA_QA_FAIL Internal Approval QA Failed Process failed due to QA check failure prior to submitting the quote for Internal Approval
PENDING_IA Pending Internal Approval Contract is submitted for Internal Approval, via Manual, Online or Evergreen processes
PEND_ACTIVATION Pending Activation Contract is pending activation after completing the Internal Approval process
PEND_PUBLISH Pending Publication Contract is in the process of publication either through Online process or salesrep has manually submitted it for publication
QPUB_FAIL Publish Failed Process failed due to system failure after 'Publish to Customer' action executed by Salesrep
QPUB_QA_FAIL Publish QA Failed Process failed due to QA check failure prior to publishing the quote online
QUOTE_CNCLD Quote Canceled Upon salesrep canceling a contract quote
QUOTE_DECLD Quote Declined Upon customer decling a quote via online acceptance process
REJECTED Rejected Upon rejection by approver
SNT Quote Published The contract quote has been published for online customer acceptance via Online Acceptance process or via Publish to Customer action by salesrep