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Product: IEM - Email Center
Meaning: Merge Fields
Description: Merge fields for suggested response documents and templates
Quick Codes
Code Meaning Description
ACCT_FROM_ADDRESS Current Account From Email Address Current account from email address
ACCT_FROM_NAME Current Account From Name Current account from name
ACCT_REPLY_TO Current Account Reply To Address Current account reply to address
ACCT_SIG Current Account Signature Current account signature
ACK_ACCT_EMAIL_ADDRESS Auto Acknowledgement - From account email address Auto Acknowledgement - From account email address
ACK_ACCT_FROM_NAME Auto Acknowledgement - Full name of the from account Auto Acknowledgement - Full name of the from account
ACK_RECEIVED_DATE Auto Acknowledgement - Email received date Auto Acknowledgement - Email received date
ACK_SENDER_NAME Auto Acknowledgement - Full name of the sender Auto Acknowledgement - Full name of the sender
ACK_SUBJECT Auto Acknowledgement - Subject of the inbound email Auto Acknowledgement - Subject of the inbound email
AD_USER_FULL_NAME Agent Full Name Agent full name
AD_USER_NAME Agent User Name Agent user name
CON_2ND_TITLE Contact Second Title Contact Second Title
CON_ADDRESS Contact Address Contact Address
CON_ADDR_LINE1 Contact Address Line1 Contact Address Line 1
CON_ADDR_LINE2 Contact Address Line Two Contact Address Line 2
CON_CITY Contact Address City Contact Address City
CON_COUNTRY Contact Address Country Contact Address Country
CON_COUNTY Contact Address County Contact Address County
CON_EMAIL_ADDRESS Contact Email Address Contact Email Address
CON_FIRST_NAME Contact First Name Contact First Name
CON_LAST_NAME Contact Last Name Contact Last Name
CON_MIDDLE_NAME Contact Middle Name Contact Middle Name
CON_ORGANIZATION Contact Organization Contact Organization
CON_PHONE Contact Phone Number Contact phone number
CON_POSTAL_CODE Contact Address Postal Code Contact Address Postal Code
CON_PREFERRED_NAME Contact Preferred Name Contact Preferred Name
CON_PRIMARY_EMAIL Contact Primary Email Address Contact Primary Email Address
CON_PRIMARY_PHONE Contact Primary Phone Number Contact Primary Phone Number
CON_PROVINCE Contact Address Province Contact Address Province
CON_STATE Contact Address State Contact Address State
CON_SUFFIX Contact Suffix Contact Suffix
CON_TITLE Contact Title Contact Title
CP_2ND_TITLE Customer Second Title Customer second title
CP_ADDRESS Customer Address Customer address
CP_ADDR_LINE1 Customer Address Line1 Customer address line 1
CP_ADDR_LINE2 Customer Address Line Two Customer address line two
CP_ADDR_LINE_1 IEM_CPADDRLINE1_OBS Customer address line 1
CP_ADDR_LINE_2 IEM_CPADDRLINE2_OBS Customer address line 2
CP_CITY Customer Address City Customer address city
CP_COUNTRY Customer Address Country Customer address country
CP_COUNTY Customer Address County Customer address county
CP_EMAIL_ADDRESS Customer Email Address Customer email address (from 11.5.5)
CP_FIRST_NAME Customer First Name Customer first name
CP_HOME_PHONE IEM_CUSTHOMEPHONE_OBS Customer home phone number
CP_LAST_NAME Customer Last Name Customer last name
CP_MIDDLE_NAME Customer Middle Name Customer middle name
CP_ORGANIZATION Customer Organization Customer organization
CP_PARTY_ID Party ID for the Customer Party ID for the Customer
CP_PARTY_NUMBER Party number for the customer Party number for the customer
CP_PHONE Customer Phone Number Customer phone number
CP_POSTAL_CODE Customer Address Postal Code Customer address postal code
CP_PREFERRED_NAME Customer Preferred Name Customer preferred name
CP_PRIMARY_EMAIL Customer Primary Email Address Customer primary email address
CP_PRIMARY_PHONE Customer Primary Phone Number Customer primary phone number
CP_PROVINCE Customer Address Province Customer address province
CP_STATE Customer Address State Customer address state
CP_SUFFIX Customer Suffix Customer suffix
CP_TITLE Customer Title Customer title
CP_WORK_PHONE IEM_CUSTWORKPHONE_OBS Customer office phone number
INB_CC Inbound Message Carbon Copy Address List Inbound message carbon copy address list
INB_CLASSIFICATION Inbound Message Classification Inbound message classification
INB_EMAIL_ADDRESS Inbound Message From Address Inbound message from address
INB_SENT_DATE Inbound Message Sent Date Inbound message sent date
INB_SUBJECT Inbound Message Subject Inbound message subject
INB_TO Inbound Message To Address List Inbound message to address list
MD_CURR_DATE Current Date Current date
MD_CURR_TIME Current Time Current time
SR_NUMBER Service Request Number The service request number associated to this email, if any.