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Product: PA - Projects
Meaning: Adjust Invoice Action
Description: Adjust Invoice Action
Quick Codes
Code Meaning Description
APPROVE Approve DRAFT Invoice Approve DRAFT Invoice from the Review Invoices or Adjust Invoices form
BILLING HOLD Hold Hold from Billing
BILLING HOLD RELEASE Allow Billing Release Billing Hold - Excludes One-Time Holds
COST AND REV RECALC Recalc Cost/Revenue Recalculate Cost and Revenue
NON-BILLABLE RECLASS Non-Billable Change billable charges to non-billable
NOT TAXABLE Make Invoice Items Non-Taxable Make all Invoice Items Non-Taxable
ONE-TIME BILLING HOLD One-Time Hold Hold from next Billing only
PRINT INVOICE REVIEW Print Invoice Review Print Invoice Review Report
REVENUE RECALC Recalc Revenue Recalculate revenue only
TAXABLE Make Invoice Items Taxable Make all Invoice Items Taxable