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Product: PO - Purchasing
Meaning: Approval History Actions
Description: Approval History Action Types
Quick Codes
Code Meaning Description
ACCEPT Accepted Accepted
ADJUST Adjust Reserve Adjust Reserve
ANSWER Information Provided Information Provided
APPROVE Approved Approved
APPROVE AND FORWARD Approved and Forwarded Approved and Forwarded
APPROVE AND RESERVE Approved and Reserved Approved and Reserved
BUYER REJECTED Buyer Rejected Buyer Rejected
CANCEL Cancelled Cancelled
CANCEL REQ Requisition Canceled Requisition Canceled
CANCEL REQ LINE Requisition Line Canceled Requisition Line Canceled
CHECK FUNDS Check Funds Performed Check Funds Performed
CLOSE Closed Closed
DELEGATE Delegated Delegated
FINALLY CLOSE Finally Closed Finally Closed
FORWARD Forwarded Forwarded
IMPORT Imported Imported
NO ACTION No action taken No action taken
PENDING Pending Pending response to notification
QUESTION Information Requested Information Requested
REJECT Rejected Rejected
RESERVE Reserved Reserved
RESPOND Responded Responded
RETURN Returned Returned
SUBMIT Submitted Submitted
SUBMIT CHANGE Change Requested Change Requested
SUPPLIER REJECTED Supplier Rejected Supplier Rejected
UNRESERVE Unreserved Unreserved
WITHDRAW Withdrawn Withdrawn